Tiny voice

Pieni ääni, or Tiny voice, is a platform where anyone can send an article, a short story or a poem for publication.

The purpose of the project is to offer media visibility in the form of a blog for all kinds of writers regardless of background or former experience. If you wish to write about what is wrong, what matters for you, or what interests you and what you would like to share, this platform may be for you.

We publish short articles (max. 1 000 characters), medium-length articles (max. 3 000 characters), and long articles (max. 9 000 characters). We hope for articles in all categories. In addition, we publish short fictional stories and poems.

The choice of subject is free. However, we do not publish content that incites hate or contains hate speech, attacks someone or spreads false info. We hope for constructive speeches and dialogue openings and, especially in the longer articles, an analytical touch.

We can publish a text with the writer’s name, an alias, or anonymously. We encourage you to write with your name, unless the sensitivity of the subject prevents that. We will not publish your name or share it with anyone, unless you have given us your permission.

We may shorten too long texts and edit language errors in articles.

We accept suggestions for articles, stories, and poems via email (pieniaani@gmail.com) or via the contact form.

At the moment, we accept articles in Finnish, Swedish, English, and Russian.

More information on Tiny voice can be found here (in Finnish).

Recent publications in English

Storms – Tormentas

MARGARITA VULGARE I was born to endure these kinds of storms / Though it’s something I never asked for / I wish I could dance under the lightnings / But I’m not that kind of gal / Not at all […]

Words of wind

S. D. Sappho is a friend much older still / And Homer is a teacher keen / Fickle people come and go at will / But ancient words since long have been […]


S.D. How can anyone be happy / In a world made of facts? / It’s the ‘human dimension’ that’s lacking / In this state of Being / Connections are missing / In this net of relations / […]

Wine Glass

MERCY Dishes sitting in the sink / A wine glass sits there / We smile on the first days / Of course we do / Of course we do / […]


MERCY If flowers grew in my hair, would you turn to look? / If petals fluttered down from my head, would you be there to save them? / If vines circled my chest, would you be there to hold me close? / […]

Easter in Finland

RUSLAN VESTERINEN The article takes us on an armchair travel to Finnish Easter traditions and their history.

Two poems on nature

S. D. Two poems on cycles of nature, ‘Seasons’ and ‘Chart’.

Four sad poems

S. D. Four poems about sadness and depression: ‘Fish’, ‘Medicamen’, ‘A Nature Trip to Sveaborg’, and ‘Parched’.

Pride of the nation

ANONYMOUS I have a lot of love / for my family and for my God / and for my homeland, a beautiful abode / where the voices and smiles and arms / of my many pure-hearted, high-minded brothers and sisters / make my soul cry with joy / […]

A lengthy process

EDITORIAL TEAM OF TINY VOICE Anton’s youth and early adulthood have been overshadowed by living in two dictatorial regimes and a years-long uncertainty of where he will be living next month. Tiny Voice interviewed him about his experience of seeking asylum in Finland.

Ruin (Baldr’s dream)

S. D. Why do we mourn this murky day? / The halls of gods ring with silence; / divine Dawn’s not cast her rosy ray / to touch the marble floors and pillars, / […]


S. D. Is there something / alurk in the woods / ‘tis an ancient fear in me / I turn and turn, and it moves / Stirring terror in my genes / […]

Runaway rats

SERGEY ADAMSKI 1. … run-away rats built a float. / and so: / 2. free rats sail on a float. / sail into a void. / no longer can the cook poison them, / nor the cat lay them low. / happy rats / greet the sunrise with hope. / and so: / […]

Four pagan hymns

S. D. Four poetic prayers addressed to deified natural phenomena, ‘Great Deity Morn’, ‘Divine Dawn’, ‘Great Deity Night‘, and ‘Great Goddess Moon’.

Kuvaruno (Picture poem)

TOMMI LAINE … How did you think to take step to offline / from this reality and spend / some time in therapy? / Well… / This life is / online therapy; / life time lasting / healing process / with you […]

Walk to nowhere

RAPHAEL I got off the tram and I didn’t notice / That I forgot to button my coat / Gloomy and frosty evening / I’m not cold at all / See I put on accessories: / Gloves and a scarf and a hat with ears / […]

Люди любят кофе / People love coffee

RAPHAEL Я к кофе вообще равнодушен, ты знаешь… / Говорят, что кофе помогает проснуться с утра. / Кто-то любит с корицей, лимоном… / А главное с пенкой! / […] I’m generally indifferent to coffee, you know… / […]

Christmas and New Year in Russia

R. VESTERINEN The author takes us on an armchair travel to Russian Christmas and New Year celebration. We learn about the history, traditions, activities and foods that are part of the Russian holiday season.

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