Walk to nowhere


I got off the tram and I didn’t notice
That I forgot to button my coat
Gloomy and frosty evening
I’m not cold at all
See I put on accessories:
Gloves and a scarf and a hat with ears
I’m going for a walk to nowhere, crossing the street at the green traffic light
A tram at a stop, waiting
For a passenger to have crossed
I’m going to walk along the side street, past the park and the bridge…
I’m going to just walk, without a purpose
And as I trace the setts, a tram passes me by…
And I reach the Senate Square – here I walk without a goal
So much ice and snow under your feet,
And in the middle of the square alone
A Christmas tree stands and shines
The snow is spinning, and people are spinning,
Some in pairs, some with friends
The whole square shines in a garland, as if in golden lights
I walk down the alley between these old buildings, bars, and restaurants
And I don’t notice at all
How many festive moods there are…
Look, today is come a new year 2022!
I’m walking and I feel
As if I’m here exactly a hundred years ago

On January 1, 1922



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